Free Introductory Somatic Experiencing® Session 

May 14th, Saturday 10-11am                  

open to the public-

please pre-register and come experience healing within

Somatic Experiencing® Workshop
Instructors:  Katie, psychologist, CYT, SEP

                  and Cristina CYT, SEP

Learn and practice skills to release the body's held trauma

6 weeks:  Saturdays 10-11am  or 

              Fridays     10-11am  

Thursday 6pm Mindful Yoga with Cristina

Enjoy small, group classes that incorporate SE to return to a state of flow, in a supportive space    

Pre-registration required for all classes

Please contact us with any questions or to design classes for your organization

Mindful Experiencing Initiative

  • Offering low-cost yoga in outreach to community caregivers (parents, teachers, service providers, first responders, doctors, nurses) 
  • Designing and teaching programs to local, at-risk populations
We are located on 9W after the Union Avenue intersection.  Studio is set low, stone-faced ranch facing Hudson River.  Entrance and parking is on right.  Looking forward to seeing you :)

Hudson Haven
3126 Route 9W, New Windsor, NY 12553

Practicing mindfulness can help reconnect  body, mind and heart.

With over 20 years of combined teaching experience, join us,

and allow yourself to reacquaint with bodily experiencing

in a safe and compassionate space.