Katey McCormick is originally from Eastern Europe, the Republic of Georgia and is a psychologist and psychotherapist.  She first became interested in Eastern philosophy during graduate school and had been practicing yoga since 1990.  In 2002, she studied under Stephanie Pappas, founder of Devalila Yoga, who trained under such masters as Dalai Lama of Tibet and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Bangalore. 

     This style of yoga blends the physical and spiritual in a playful way.  Asanas are creatively sequenced and flow with body intuition.  A major emphasis is opening up chakras and raising kundalini.

     In 2003, Katey trained under Anodea Judith, PhD in Somatic Therapy and Chakra Psychology.  A person's "traumatic childhood experiences are stored in the body becoming chronic, holding patterns, known as body armor.  It keeps a person from feeling energetic, healthy, and peaceful" (A. Judith).  In 2015 she began the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training and is an Intermediate level practioner.. 

     Katey emphasizes the philosophy of yoga in her classes.  She focuses on loving oneself and believes that listening and exploring the inner world can lead to an embodied experience of being whole in the world... fully present, active and aware.

       M.S. Psychology

       200-hr Certified, Registered Yoga Instructor

       Somatic Experiencing Practioner

       Licensed mental health clinician  845.642.5067 


Cristina George has offered yoga guidance since 2006.  Over the years she has worked with diverse populations in the Hudson Valley.  In 2013, she developed and began teaching a trauma-sensitive yoga program.  Incarcerated youth in Orange County continue to benefit from this program.  Cristina also created a certificate program to challenge and encourage the residents.  In March 2014, Cristina was awarded Yoga Journal's Conference scholarship for her work with underserved communities.

She has been further inspired to continue her outreach to at-risk populations in the local community.  June 2014 she offered a yoga program at Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh to youth ranging from 6-14yrs.  March 2015 she expanded her services to Hospice of Orange County with Yoga for the Caregiver.  Cristina is a Somatic Experiencing Practioner (Intermediate Level) and incorporates this highly effective therapy into her yoga/meditation classes.  April 2016 Cristina trained with psychiatrist and renowned trauma expert Bessel Van der Kolk in his workshop entitled Trauma: Embodiment, Synchrony and Finding Your Voice.  May 2016 Cristina completed the Off the Mat Into the World: Yoga, Purpose, & Action Leadership training with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling.

Cristina's trainings incorporate breathing and mindfulness skills.  Emphasis is placed on realigning with compassion, to release pain, tension and stored memories. 

         B.S. Biology,

         Elementary Education

         200-hr Certified Yoga Instructor

         Pre-Natal Certified Yoga Instructor

         Somatic Experiencing Practioner

         Off the Mat Into the World trained