Mindful Yoga

Cristina will guide you through a gentle yoga practice with a focus on practicing mindfulness to allow for healing. Mental, physical, emotional stress and strain can cause injury/trauma to be held in the body.  When we allow the nervous system to settle with specific techniques, the result can be transformative.  Most find this practice to be compassionate and instrumental in moving into a more embodied life.

"Come as you are - and always bring intention"

Seminars for your Organization

In a training designed specifically for your population, learn and practice skills to 

reduce stress and increase your capacity to resolve traumatic events.

This holistic approach is scientifically based and will improve the health of your organization from the ground up.

Private Sessions

Personal yoga therapy is offered by Cristina in a supportive and tranquil space. Using Somatic Experiencing skills 

discover the natural flow

in your body and learn how to

tap into your ability to heal . 

Somatic Experiencing®

→learn how to manage stress mindfully

→gain skills to reduce anxiety,

→relieve pain on a neuromuscular level

→release tension and negative emotions being held in your body

→Through compassionate exploration of physical sensations you can find ease in your body/mind/emotions and release the stress that causes dis-ease

In a 6-week series, Katey and Cristina will instruct SE techniques to help you find more ease in your body and mind.