Sessions incorporate 

breathing and mindfulness skills.  
Emphasis is placed on creating a safe space

 to compassionately release pain, 
tension and stored memories. 
Clients learn skills to self-regulate, 
re-embody and embrace their lives more fully.  This can result in a sense of freedom and presence.  

The harmony we find within
organically spreads within the community

creating change.

  • Mindful Experiencing Initiative

Utilizing over 20 years combined experience

in yoga instruction, we have designed

programs that meet you where you are.

Stress from daily activities

combined with past injuries,

physical and emotional,

can leave us feeling depleted and numb

to experiencing the fullness of life. 

 Finding your way into the present moment

utilizing Somatic Experiencing skills,

will allow you to safely begin

the process of healing.

This method is gentle and ideal for anyone

who is feeling tension

and looking for more ease

in body and mind.