Some delightful "trees" at the Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh!

"Somatic Experiencing®(SE), a form of trauma therapy that emphasizes guiding the client's attention to interoceptive, kinesthetic, and proprioceptive experience...  this style of inner attention, in addition to the use of kinesthetic and interoceptive imagery, can lead to the resolution of symptoms resulting from chronic and traumatic stress... through the completion of thwarted, biologically based, self-protective and defensive responses, and the discharge and regulation of excess autonomic arousal."

     Cristina's mindfulness-based yoga practice is the real deal - this is not a hopped-up exercise class under the guise of yoga, but a true yoga practice with a focus on alignment and breathing throughout the class.   

Alyson P., Poughkeepsie, NY

     Cristina is a wonderful instructor who makes me feel calm just being around her. She is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, childbirth, and babies, so her pre/post-natal and parent/baby classes are really top notch!

Elise D., Highland Falls, NY

     I have taken many classes with Cristina and recommend her highly as a teacher.  Besides her great instruction including ongoing suggestions for small corrections and adaptations throughout the class, I love the spiritual aspect of the yoga practice which she brings to each class and helps students to carry with them off the mat.

Nancy F.,  Highland Mills, NY

     Cristina is a great blend and balance of physical practice with direction and spirit.  I always emerge from her classes feeling better on all levels, with an abiding feeling of peace.

Lynn C., Salisbury Mills, NY

     Katey is a truly gifted teacher who has an abundance of patience, compassion and knowledge. She will guide you though a class with grace.  If you are a beginner, or have been practicing for many years, she has many gifts to offer. 
Kathryn L., Cornwall, NY

     Cristina introduced yoga into my life for the first time nearly 10 years ago. I've practiced in several places, and the inspiration and tranquility of Cristina's classes are unmatchable. 
Victoria A., Madrid, Spain

     Katey remains one of my favorite teachers. Her manner of instruction, tone of voice and presence alone are soothing and encouraging. During certain classes, I was challenged to be ok with where I was in that moment; other days, I felt able to go a little farther. Katey is an amazing guide and support through it all.

Danielle S., New Windsor, NY

      Katey and Cristina are great teachers who offer more than yoga positioning. In each class there is focus on being present in the moment, finding joy, letting go, no judgment, and acceptance of yourself.  I have become stronger, more flexible and more centered and calm from these wonderful classes.

Karen S., Hopewell Junction, NY